We are a team of scientists with over 100 years of experience in the chemical industry. We are passion-ate about our work and we will help your organization reach the next level with our cutting edge proprietory technology.
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Molecules by design specializes in the synthesis of molecules by the use
of propietory molecular software that predicts outcome with a 99%
certainty. This technology coupled with our state of the art laboratory
facility allows us to cut development time in half, while allowing us to
come up with a viable synthetic route that is reproducible.
Employing synthetic chemistry and cutting edge simulation software
technology Molecules By Design , synthesizes, designs and develops
novel molecules intended for use in the pharmaceuticals, flavor,
fragrange and specialty industries. Molecules By Design goal is to
bring new molecules to the market place using green chemistry ,
while discarding waste streams in a bioecological manner by
propietory fermentation technology.
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